Black Tissue
Gold Tissue
Hot Pink Tissue
Red Tissue
Silver Tissue
Copper Tissue
Kelly Tissue
Black Gold Foil
Gold Pleat Runner
Silver Pleat Runner
Metallic Red Black Gold
Midnight Sparkle
Black Foil Pleat
Silver Foil Pleat
Emerald Circle Foil REVERSIBLE
Silver/Ivory Cirlce Foil REVERSIBLE
Silver/Black Cirlce Foil REVERSIBLE
Orange Metal Scroll REVERSIBLE
Pink Metal Scroll REVERSIBLE
Turquoise Metal Scroll REVERSIBLE
Olive Metal Scroll REVERSIBLE
Black Foil Ripple
Silver Foil Ripple
Silver Metal
Red Black Foil
Metallic Dot
Black Multi-Dot
Gold Net
Turquoise Scroll
Black Scroll
Fuchsia Scroll
Gold Scroll
Lime Scroll
Orange Scroll
Silver Scroll
White Scroll
Nude Sequins
Black Silver
Fuchsia Royal
Gold Silver
Red Gold
All linen must be returned dry, free from food particles and in the original shipping crate. Failure to follow linen handling instructions will result in additional charges .

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