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Tenting Accessories

40′ French Window Sidewalls$80$90$250
40′ Net Sidewalls$80QuoteQuote
40′ Clear Sidewalls$100$110$300
40′ Solid White Sidewalls$80$115$225
Anchored Sidewall

(for 7′ & 8′ only. 10′ includes anchoring in costs)

$1 / linear footN/A
Clearspan Structure SidewallsHeight
10′ x 8’10′ x 10′16′ x 11′
Solid Walls$40$75$150
Clear Walls$60$95$200
French WindowQuoteQuoteQuote
Cassette Walls$175$200Quote
Tent DoorsRate
French Double Doors (Glass, Self-Closing)$500
Double White Service Doors$300
Tent FlooringRate
Stage Right Tent FloorQuote
Stage Right Indoor (4’x8)$128
PortaPath Flooring (per sq. ft.)$2
Porta Sub Flooring (per sq. ft.)$2
Steel Pool Covers (per sq. ft.)$15
Astroturf Carpeting (per sq. ft.)$1.50
Plush Carpeting (colors vary, per sq. foot)Starting at$2
Heating/Cooling + PowerRate
Patio Heater *not used under tents$175
Tent Furnace 175,000 BTU with Thermostat$475
40# Propane Tanks$85
100# Propane Tanks$155
Tent Fan (Self Standing)$150
Tent Ceiling Fans (Installation additional)$500
Air ConditioningQuote
Power 30kw s/b Generator$900
Power 60kw s/b Generator$1250
Power 6500kw s/b Generator$500
30KW Cable Pack*$525
60KW Cable Pack*$725
* Base price for cabling & distribution. Accurate price by quote only
Tent LinersRate
Linen Side Pole Covers (linear ft.)$3
Linen Center Pole Covers (linear ft.)$3.50
Strap Covers$20
Tent Kit Liners 20′ Wide Tents (sq. ft.) (White Only)$ 1.50
Tent Kit Liners 30′ Wide Tents (sq. ft.) (White Only)$ 1.50
Tent Kit Liners 40′ Wide Tents (sq. ft.) (White Only)$ 1.50
Tent Kit Liners 60′ Wide Tents (sq. ft.) (White Only)$ 1.50
Tent Kit Liners 80′ Wide Tents (sq. ft.) (White Only)$ 1.50
Handmade Custom Fabric WorkQuote


Fire Exit Sign with Battery Back-up$175
ABC Fire Extinguisher$65
Stake Covers$.50