Customers we’ve worked with

Kudos we’ve received

You rock! People have been raving about the décor for “To the Nines!” Great Hall has never looked better! Your concepts and designs were masterful, and the execution; sublime. Thank you for all of your hard work in helping make this year’s gala a success.

Detroit Institute of Arts

Dear Larry, Todd, Mike, and the whole S.E. crew

THANK YOU. THANK YOU. THANK YOU. You all blew me out of the water on Art Prize. I dream stuff up but guys take it one step further and you put my ideas on steroids! I can’t begin to tell you how much I appreciate each one of you. You are all so gifted and I’m blessed to be able to work with you and count on you as friends. Thanks for everything you did to make Art Prize a success!


A huge thank you to you and your team for your help in making the 31st Annual Dinner an incredible success. If anyone can make an event in an assembly plant elegant and beautiful, it’s you! You truly created a garden-inspired cocktail reception and a gorgeous dinner area. The committee and guests were absolutely blown away with the décor.

We know that you always have our best interest at heart and so appreciate that you made sure that the event was perfect in every way. You are such a wonderful partner of ours and you were absolutely critical in helping us pull off this amazing event. We look forward to working with you again in the near future!

Karmanos Cancer Institute

The party was a huge success – much due to the beautiful tent and the inviting accomidations. We thank you for your professional setup and attractive, well maintained furniture. I am very appreciative of your attention to detail – the pleating of the fabric, the seams in the carpeting, the attachment of the tent to the house, the covering of the catering doors, the staging….all was very well done

DeVos Center

It would be unforgivable NOT to stop to say THANK YOU for the wonderful job you did setting the event details for Saturday’s event. The job was executed perfectly and your team was polite, accommodating and got the job done in a timely manner! THANK YOU!!!

We all get busy, short on patience during such a busy season, but it would be wrong not to take time to let you know how grateful I always am when a job is done well! I will send photos to you – the setting was stunning!

The China Closet

Dear Todd,

Thank you to you and your organization for the role you played in setting the stage for Dick’s 60th birthday celebration. I appreciate the great work and the many hands it took to make it such a successful event.
Please extend my heartfelt thanks to your staff for their attention to detail and a job well done!

DeVos Family


What an amazing event!!! I hope you all had a chance to relax after Friday night’s extravaganza. Hob Nobble Gobble presented by Ford was an amazing success!!! I’m not sure how, but every year you all make it bigger and better than the one before. We appreciate your hard work, dedication, organization, sparkles and fun you provide in making this event the magical experience everyone looks forward to each year. We certainly left feeling like we were all walking on sunshine!

Thank you again! Enjoy your Thanksgiving with family, friends and of course America’s Thanksgiving parade presented by Art Van.

The Entire Parade Team